Saturday, August 13, 2011

Weekend Candy: The Tea Time Edition

magic tea party.
magic tea party by Ingrid Photography

Weekend! Yes, please! And from the weather forecast I believe it will be a rainy one. So what to do? Get my bags packed and head for the countryside with the furbabies and papa DomDom. I love to be at my parents, there´s lots of cake and tea ahead and since I´m already in the mood, I thought I might share some yummy yummies with you and maybe get you to raise your little tea cup and praise the day, for we really have a good good life.

I know it´s not even somewhat close to Easter, but never mind. Those carrot treat boxes are just too cute. Something to hide little treats in for your guests.

Are you serious? Marie Antoinette cupcake toppers and wrappers set is SO coming to my kitchen! And here is a white wedding cupcake recipe that would totally go along with them.

A wonderful print from whatnikkimade etsy shop. It´s originally painted with tea!

Who would not like to have someone relax in their teacup. I love the idea of Esther Hörchner´s lovely illustrated Take A Bath tea set.

  I love teacup cozies! Here is a tutorial for you!

That is the best packaging idea for dreamers and bird lovers: Natalie Ponomareva did a great job on this Green Berry Tea.

I love this wonderful illustration by Lucy Knisley. Gotta love yourself some good chai!

Recently I had my first bubble ice tea. Now I found this recipe online and I am really curious about it!

Have a wonderful weekend! Right now I´m sitting here with tin foil in my hair to get my pastel hair done! I´ll try to do a how-to video about it. I am no professional at all, so it´s a bit of an experiment, but I have a good feeling about it :) We´ll see soon!

5 things I am grateful for today
  • My mom helping me get my hair done while we sing Beatles songs and drink tea
  • my happy little furbabies that made no trouble while travelling at all
  • mother nature and the countryside
  • being able to leave the city and get some fresh air
  • colorful flowers. Just looking at them makes me happy.

Cupcake love and tin foil rattles,
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  1. I would love a tutorial on how to do pastel hair! And I love your weekend candy every week :) Have a great weekend with lots of tea and cupcakes! Sonja

  2. Hey lovely Sonja!! Thank you! o(^▽^)o I'm done with the highlights now, waiting to get the color on. :)

  3. Just saw your pics on facebook. Looks so good! Especially, when the colour has faded a bit... My hair has a brownish colour. Not sure if this works for me but I would love to try it. Hugs, Sonja

  4. Thank you! The photos are iPhone quickshots, the quality is not as good, but I ll postbetter ones later on. I think it works even better with brown hair. I'll make a blogpost about it withall the products and tips.

  5. now I'm really excited :) Can't wait for your tips!


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