Saturday, September 3, 2011

Weekend Candy: The Dream Home Edition

found here.

As I´ve already said yesterday: I´m a home girl. To me the place where I live is of great importance. It´s the place where I spend most of my time and do all of my creative work. Sadly enough I live in the center of Vienna. Not that it´s so bad, we actually live in one of the most beautiful districts in the city. But nothing compares to having a garden and some trees around you. Today I present to you the bits and pieces of what I would consider a perfect home. Accessoires, places, rooms and decorations.

found here.

Places to live
on the water with a hidden urban garden ♥ in the middle of nature swedish style in a romatic trailer far away with the fairies in iceland under a tree or next to a tree in a wooden house in a tiny cottage or a small mini-house

Living room
I think I posted this California room before, but it´s so great! This girly house has everything you need simple vintage chick making things greener from above a tree in your living room changes the whole meaning of "living" spanish flair with your living room partly outside (so wonderful colors!) I adore huge ceilings  oh boy, oh boy, is this the most artsy living room ever or what?

sleep beneath the trees I would never leave my bed if I had this one I love white rooms close to nature generally a very good selection of dream bedrooms (not sure about the one with the swimming pool next to it though, I would not like the smell. But I´d love to have my bathtub in the same room) my absolute childhood dream: bedrooms in tents I guess there can´t be a greater holiday feeling than in here when I am old, I want a bed outside like this one the renovated dutch farmhouse is eyecandy, but the bedroom is especially lovely

light bulb DIY decor from the freepeople blog

adorable white kitchen with some colorful spots amazing viking raw natural table I love the rice products, they make everything shine with bright colors plants in the kitchen make things so much better almost outside, yet protected from the weather

somewhere on the countryside, far away from all the noise magical backyards for hot summer days, always worth exploring # this romantic summer white garden tea is to die for, seriously. I want to be there. Now. So here´s the thing: you don´t need to take care of ALL the space in your garden. One organized part is enough if all garden sheds were this nice, we would not need any houses normal trees are boring? How about knitting them a pullover. this is why England is queen of gardens if I miss one thing here in Austria it´s a porch.

I hope you liked our little tour around my dream places. What would your dream home look like? Are you living in the city or on the countryside and where would you rather be? Are you happy where you are now?

5 things I am thankful for today:
  • waking up super early but being somewhat well rested
  • eating cookies even though it´s not even winter
  • looking forward to putting some rad polish on my nails
  • developing my style further and further, I can´t stop drawing!
  • that sunny weekend flair, people are relaxed.

honey-bee hugs and ladybug kisses,
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  1. Oh my, we have the same dream and vision. Looking into your imagination is like looking at my twin soul. <3 thank you for making my morning sparkle. LOVE this post.
    -Ash xoxo

  2. So pretty! I'd feel like a porcelain doll living in this house :)

  3. Ash, awww! That´s so sweet of you! It´s wonderful to know that others have the same visions and we can work on them together. I do believe that the more you know what you want, the more likely you are to receive it (which is kind of logical, right?). I would love to share my home with other kind girls, having a garden, cooking together...sweet dreams!

    Angel, you already ARE a porcelain, even without the house :)

  4. Wow, beautiful links overload! <3
    But you should be happy, Vienna is the 2nd most livable place in the world, IN THE WORLD!
    Our place is like the 123rd due to crime rate and pollution :( (I hate our city!)

  5. Abygail, there is something to Vienna...hmm, how shall I explain...Everyone who lives here is CONSTANTLY complaining about everything (thus not adding to the positive mood in the city). The longer you live here the grumpier you get. I think it has also got to do with the circumstances of self-sufficiency being basically impossible and hardly anyone therefore working in their dreamjob. People are not content, even if they have everything. Plus: it´s the city. It might be somewhat green (Berlin is a lot better there!) but you just can´t compare it to the countryside and your own garden.

    BUT: I have to say that everytime I leave Vienna on holiday, I´m always superglad when I am back. Things run rather smooth here on the social side, people are too lazy to revolt, lol.

  6. I love your dream homes - so beautiful and delicate. I have the sudden urge to curl up with a book in some white linens....


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