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"Am I Too Fat?" Weight Issues In The Mori Girl World

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"I only happen to see girls that are etherally thin in Mori. As someone with curves I feel not only underrepresented but also a little bit left out. There are no real examples of women with some breasts and butts (sorry for being so frank) so I always fear to look utterly silly in this style. We definitely need some more curvy love here!"

This quote comes from a blogpost done by hedgefairy and I love her honest approach. Why is it that the media doesn´t offer a greater variety on body images? Even in Asia it can´t be true that every single girl is slim and slender. Looking through the magazines, tumblrs and youtubes you hardly get to see anything else but what society sees as "perfect". I can tell you: It makes me mad! This just shows that the media consists of cowards who are too afraid of jugdemental readers/viewers in order to bring more flavors into the show.

The whole thing is about making us feel insecure. Happy women don´t buy diet pills. (and you would be amazed how much money is made out of diet products!) The pharmacy wants you to buy their products. As well as the food industry does. Coke Zero? Cream cheese light? 1/3rd of sugar?

How often do you check your food for calories? There was a time when I was obsessed with it. Some years ago I thought my life would be perfect if I had 45kg/99,2 lbs. Which was hilarious of course.  I didn´t feel any better when I reached my "goal". The moment I was there, I found something else that I didn´t like. My hair, my face, whatever showed up in the mirror. I did not feel worthy. I thought life was for the beautiful and skinny and that I would never be part of that group, no matter how hard I tried. It took me years to realize and to really believe myself when I said that life is not about weight. It IS about food. It is about what you eat and how you treat yourself.
But it´s not about that number on your scale.

It is so important to look at your patterns. Who do you idolize? What do you think is good-looking? I think we mori girls have really hard time, harder than any other subculture because the clothes of this style are not exactly very tight fitting. They make you look bigger very easily if you are not watching for your body type and how to enhance your better features. The only references that we have come from tiny japanese girls and no matter how much weight I would try to lose, I would have to break my hips to get them smaller. I would have to squeeze myself into a corset for years and still: it would not be me.

My goal is to bring a bit more diversity into the scene. I do feel happy with the way I look. Mostly. Of course there are some bad days in between, but generally I´m ok. I look after my body. I watch out for what I eat. I can´t wear slim jeans and look like superwoman, that is never going to happen. But I do want to inspire girls with a similar figure as mine and I think everyone can be inspired by the combinations and colors and accessoires. Plus: it´s all about networking. I have a general interest in fashion blogging that is different (like Elsie Larson, Kaelah Bee or Kaylah). Looking at their photos I can dream of what the dress would look like on my body. I love real life people that did not spend hours on retouching their photos. My plan is to get statements and posts about this topic up here in the following weeks. If you want to find your opinion in a blogpost here or if you have a blogpost that deals with the same issue, please contact me under blumennelly(at)gmail(dot)com

5 things I am grateful for today:
  • eating nougat mousse at the delicious monster (the best!)
  • waking up too early and realizing that I still have 2 more hours to sleep
  • having Peter Legat from Count Basic posting funny illustrations on my facebook wall
  • Mr.DomDom is really patient with me as I spend most of my evening in front of my Mac, posting. :D 
  • the awesomeness of the character design in FFXIII. I love them all!

Mega-hugs and pink cupcakes, 
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  1. Very cute blog, I found it by chance and I like it very much!!! ^.^

  2. One of the things I love about mori is about being self-confident.
    When I was reading through one of my mori magazines (I think it was a Papier issue), in the street snaps there was a variety of 'different' shaped Japanese girls- and I remember thinking to myself how much I enjoyed the mori-girl culture as these street snaps featured women who might not have been published in other Japanese fashion magazines.
    Although mori isn't always the 'slimmest' looking style out there- it's still great because it's not bound by the small sizes of brand clothing or anything.

  3. It's strange, but I have actually always seen it the other way around. It is true that Mori Girl style clothes aren't tight fitting. But, in order to wear very tight fitting clothes and still look slim, you really need to be slim. Take for example Gyaru style: Tight super-short miniskirst. How is anyone supposed to hide a few extra kilogram/pounds in that? I am not fat for European standards, but I am certainly not slim for Japanese standards as I have broad hips, tights, a big but and sometimes also a belly. I always had the feeling that with the very loose fitting Mori Girl clothes I could hide these extra pounds very well. I don't feel like I constantly need to stuck in my stomach in these kinds of clothes. Another advantage of this style is that you can actually buy clothes in Japanese stores like Wonder Rocket and you really don't have to worry about them not fitting even for a European size woman. Whenever I am in Japan I buy these clothes without even trying them on.
    Now I am not sure whether this still works if you don't just want to hide a few extra pounds here and there but are, for example, really overweight. But real overweight isn't even good for anyone's health, so why I agree that we should grow a more healthy body-image and should not try to slim down to stick-figures, being heavily overweight (again! I am not talking about full womanly figures here or some extra pounds, I am really only talking about sever overweight) just doesn't look good in moth styles, not just Mori Girl. For those like me, who will never be able to meet Asian body figure standards and weight about 10kg more than the average Asian girl, the Mori Girl style always seemed very beneficial for my body-type to me.
    Also, I think even in Mori Girl style there is a great diversity. You have the kind of Mori Girl style that seems a lot like just vintage style to me, for example this: http://thecouncilofthree.files.wordpress.com/2011/01/mori-girl-fashion-valon-magazin-02.jpg
    It is not what I consider Mori, but others do according to Google Search and this style lets you find clothes for about every possible body figure.
    Then there is of course the lots of layers-loose-fitting Mori Girl style, the one I prefer, that hides your body figure a lot. The one which probably can make you look huge pretty easily, but on the other hand can, as I said, also hide your extra pounds very easily. http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_owxfW3Uu6d4/SwKzjVCL4EI/AAAAAAAAAwg/2q5tSzSr2CQ/s1600/Wonder+Rocket+team.jpg
    And then, there is also the kind of Mori Girl clothes that often make me think of Gyaru in earthy colors. If you go for example to Wonder Rocket, they also sell a lot of clothes like these: http://www.wonderrocket.com/ec/pro/disp/1/img/871353904108b.jpg and these are rather form-fitting.
    I think for everyone who is worried about looking huge in the loose-many-layers style, there is still a wide selection of other clothes that could still be considered Mori, but can enhance a variety of body-figure well.

  4. I am so glad that you are writing about this topic! It is incredibly important. I have written about this at my blog here: http://evolutionyou.net/self-love-what-you-are/

    I would love to be involved in this project. ♥


  5. Hey, I count calories. If not obsessively. But I am trying to get to a healthy weight, what's right for me. And part of that is learning what is the right amount to eat. I have no intention of giving up chocolate or fries or anything. Just to learn what moderation is. I don't want to be what I'm not. Just healthier.

  6. Sorry for commenting as anonymous again... how come my comment got deleted? (About mori girl clothing stores question)

  7. I'm sorry, I did not delete any comments, but if you don't mind asking again I will gladly answer everything. :) Sorry about that, I have no idea what happened.

  8. I am quite curvy, too. :D I feel so comfortable and confident in mori girl fashion.

    It's true that it's not about the weight -- it's about being confident in your body and how you carry yourself. ^^

  9. http://sweetest-petrichor.tumblr.com

    she's a plus size mori girl

  10.  Thank you so much for introducing me to her!!!!

  11. I have issues with my weight as well. Mostly because I do look at fashion blogs and get insecure... and that the people around me call me fat and overweight. Mostly I'm fine with it as long as I'm happy with how my life is. I guess if you're happy with life, you wouldn't think about things like that unless you think about it too much.

  12. Thank you very much for this blog post!

    I'm curvy, too. It's hard to find the right mori girl clothes for my body shape AND Philippines is a country which has only two types of climate -- summer and rainy seasons. BUT I really do love this fashion and lifestyle. I'm not afraid to look bigger with the prints and the layering because it makes me happy and I think everyone can pull off a mori girl coordinate no matter what body shape they have. :D

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  15. I'm a size 14 and I wear mori, but I'm bottom heavy, so that's fine for mori. If you have large breasts, however, it's very difficult to find mori that will fit you without stretching buttons. My friend was featured in a plus size magazine in Japan wearing name brand mori clothing, but plus size there is not necessarily plus size elsewhere.

  16. I'm a size 12-14 (AU, i believe this is a US10?), I'm hour glass with a small waist compared to bust and hips, which of course make button down tops stupidly difficult. I honestly think, like many other commenters, that Mori is gorgeous regardless of body type and size, drapey fabrics are perfect for curves, scarves take attention away from size and overall I think Mori is about being at peace with ones self and less about appearing "sexy" or "thin" and more about enjoying the actual clothes themselves, the texture of them, the colour, the way they move. I mean what isn't to love about a velvety, silky or lacy fabric, the way it feels when you brush past it, the way a woollen jumper or shrug snuggles up to you and the swish of a long skirt against your legs.

    This is why I really love Mori, it's very accepting, It's more of an appreciation for the beauty around oneself and cloaking oneself in it then it is about vanity and sexiness. It's is beautiful because it's about celebrating all that is beautiful, in nature, in every little thing around you.

    Sorry if i got a little hippy there, but I think bigger girls really shouldn't shy away from Mori at all! The more the Merrier :D

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