Wednesday, November 16, 2011

30 Ways To Save Your Day

Break Free by Healzo

Did you just happen to find out that the boy you are dating is a real loser? Did you have an argument with your family, making you feel like you´re an outsider and totally misunderstood? Or are you generally just having one of those days where you feel like you haven´t accomplished ANYTHING in your life? Well, I´m glad you´re here. Here is my list of 30 things that I like to do when my day doesn´t go as planned. They mostly involve inspirational things, because I try to get my mind off the bad energy and get into a creative mood. That always saves the day.

rainy autumn by *oO~Rein~Oo

UNE VAGABONDE by Sandrine Philie is a photo diary that has a calming effect on me. The pictures involve friendship, sepia colors and lots of nature. It also inspires me for my next point, which would be:

Go for a walk. Go somewhere quiet, where you don´t have to dodge others constantly. Sometimes our mind is too strong and you have to put things into perspective through your legs. You know what I mean? After a walk I feel like I have achieved something, I made my way from A to B. It´s a result. I like things with results as they prove that you actually did something with your time. Mostly I returned inspired, with lots of oxygen in my lungs. Happy.

Watch every single video of Maru the Cat. (promise me to watch it til the end!)

Read some Rainer Maria Rilke. He has the most beautiful way of describing time and life. Every second has the potential of becoming a lifetime story.

I don´t know what I should think about young girls wearing make-up, but that girl and her tutorial are just adooorable. 

Take a cat nap. Set the alarm in 20 minutes. Then come back to read on. :)

I´m a big fan of Everday Cute (their new page is here) and Pusheen.

I really don´t watch tv. I have certain youtube channels that I subscribe to that become like a TV show to me. My favorite channel of all times is brought to you by Simon and Martina from Eat Your Kimchi. (it does help to be into Asian culture, but not necessarily. They are the cutest married couple on the planet.)

Head out and get a kind of tea that you never had before. (If you ever come across Pearl Dragon Tea, try it! It might be a bit pricey, but trust me, it´s the best kind of tea that you can get.) Or make yourself some Bubble Tea.

My favorite new obsession is to wear animal hats. You have no idea how uplifting it is to see everyone smile at you. Mr.DomDom brought this sheep from a trip to Germany. It doesn´t need to be an animal hat, just make sure you have to put a little guts into wearing the item.

Did you know that Ellen DeGeneres is on tumblr? Needless to say that this is highly entertaining. (I stopped counting the numbers of times she has made me laugh/cry.)

Stay overnight at your best friend´s place. I bet it has been far too long anyway since you had your head resting on an unfamiliar pillow after a night of silliness and laughter.

Probably my 30 Things To Do When You Are Sad list might help you a little.

For the love of God: Etsy has recently joined pinterest!

Marcel the Shell is a real cutie too. I especially like his dog.

Write a list of 10 things that you are happy to have learned/discovered this year. Looking back doesn´t necessarily need to make you feel bad if you try to learn your lessons.

I´m pretty sure you have bought an asian product that had a weird description on it. This is why I love engrish.com, I really can´t get enough of it.

Online comics that I (being a cat lady) lover: Cat vs Human 

Have a pyjama party. Either alone with lots of pillows, your laptop and your favorite movie or with your best friend, some cheesy girly magazines and hot chocolate with marshmallows on top.

Song interpretations done with a ukulele or guitar always bring a smile onto my face. Like this Lady Gaga version or this MGMT or this Darwin Deez cover.

I always cry tears of laughter while reading Damn You Auto Correct. Might be a very superficial kind of humor, but when you feel bad and you need some cheering up, it does the trick.

Start with the basics instead of deep questions about your self-identity. Sometimes a healthy sleeping schedule and an energizing breakfast can do so much for you. Plus: Don´t let yourself get too hungry. Being hungry makes me (and basically every human being) very grumpy and unreasonable.

Get yourself a little goodie goodie. Nothing really expenisve, just something to look forward too. In my case I ordered washi tape and Jetoy stickers for 7$. Diary deco stickers are so cute. I put them onto things I use on a daily basis like on my scotch tape dispenser.

3 by ~przypadek

Clean your desk. Working at a messy place is just annoying. I always clean my apartment when I´m mad, so I can channel my energy into a positive task and then admire my work.

Spend time with animals. Chasing my cats around with a toy takes off my mind. If you don´t have one either visit a friend that owns a cute furry friend or go visit a pet shelter and give a dog a walk. The dog will be superhappy and you will feel so much better.

Go to a library or bookstore. Every book is a world on its own and we need some escapism sometimes.

Reduce negative influences. Analyze who or what is dragging you down. Block the phone number of every person who only calls you to complain about their messy life. Stop reading that blog/twitter/tumblr with the constantly grouching messages. Some people attract bad energy and you don´t want it to wear off onto you.

  Head out to the piscina. Yes, go swimming! It´s always magical how I feel so different afterwards.

Make plans. Make a list of 5 places that you really really want to see in your life and watch all kinds of travel documentaries on youtube about them. Mine would be Tokyo, going by the Darjeeling Himalayan Train, see the Hong Kong Winterfest, seeing the arctic light in Norway, travel along the coastlines of Northern Germany.

Say something nice. Now we all are on one or more social media platforms. And we don´t nearly say enough nice things. So go and post something nice on somebody else´s wall or twitterstream NOW!

5 things I am grateful for today:
  • getting a cable duct at work so people won´t stumble over any power cables and cause my Mac to crash anymore.
  • getting up super early and starting half of this post while eating my breakfast and drinking green tea
  • working on my handwriting. I have changed it so many times over the years and it has become a bit too messy for my taste recently. Now back to good old single letters. 
  • filling dates with marzipan (and I mean the fruit, not any kind of lovers. *g*)
  • looking forward to my mom´s birthday

Happy Wednesday to you!

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  1. happy birthday in advance to your Mum!

    (also, I am going to use the word piscina. It's neat)

  2. Thanks Leanne!
    Piscina is italian, I think it´s much better than swimming pool or the german "Hallenbad". :)
    (you actually pronounce it like "pishina" as in "fish")

  3. Natalie, I love these kinds of posts.

  4. #31. Get a package of prettiness in the mail!

    I got your lovely letter and Twilight Sparkle yesterday! She's already made friends with Fluttershy who lives with my son (yes, he's a brony!) and I think Fluttershy's bunny has come to live in here with me and Twi's owl has gone to live with him! ^o^ Thanks for brightening my day!

  5. I love Love LOVe what you said about the hats and guts! YES! That's like when I bleached my hair and then dyed it half pink and then purple. It really did take guts for me to leave the house like that, even though I LOVED it! It still took courage. But bonus with the hat are the people smiling at you. YAY! I can totally see how that could MAKE your day!

    I want to be the kind of Old Lady who wears hats like that.


  6. I don't know english well, but i want to read your blog. It is amaizing and cordial, thank you, thank you, thank you!^^

  7. Awww, that is very kind of you!!! Thank you so much, I´m glad you are enjoying it! <3


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