Thursday, December 15, 2011

14 Things To Give Up Before 2012


New Year´s Eve will be around in 2 weeks! Christmas is next week! Ssshhh, I know I know, you don´t want to hear that. ^___^ Me neither. I haven´t had time to buy ANY christmas presents so far. I´m not ready to think about my new year´s resolutions so far. On the other hand I still have some time left and I might as well make my list together with you here. Today I want to share 14 things that you can give up doing before 2012. The most important thing for a fresh and good start into the new year is to prepare your way as good as possible. Make space for all the possibilities waiting out there for you. Look for silence so that you can listen to what your soul wants to tell you. Here are some things that will make it easier for you:

Give up holding grudges. Yes, there might be somebody who has really hurt you. Yes, they might be wrong and yes, you might have decided to never ever forgive them. But doesn´t that seem like an awful lot of emotional work to be done? Everytime somebody mentions that person, you´ll be angry. You´ll have that stupid feeling in your stomach that tells you that you´re not over it yet. Make use of that feeling. Take it as a starting point. Holding grudges is like carrying around unnecessary emotional baggage. It´s no fun. Things have happened the way they have and you can´t change the past anyway. You can only influence your future and you for that you have to change your present way of thinking. I´m sure there are more peaceful and beautiful things going on in your life that you can focus on. Let it go. Mostly we are not even mad at another person, we are mad at ourselves for being stupid enough to even start a fight with that person. Forgive yourself.

Give up worrying what others might think of you. Constantly thinking about others takes away time that you might spend thinking about your own dreams or your own development. It makes you shy, it makes you afraid of truly being yourself. But if you´re not working hard on bringing your personality forward and pushing yourself up to the next level, nobody will. And people will miss out. They will miss out on who you are and how daring and wonderful you could be if you stopped being afraid of their response. Because honestly, most people will be happy if you dare what they don´t.

Give up believing in rumors. They might be entertaining, they might be something that you give your attention to because your day so far has been super boring. But in fact they do nothing for you than disturb your view onto another person. As much as you shouldn´t care what others think of you, you shouldn´t give anybody else reason to worry that you might believe in or spread factoids. Trust people eye to eye, but stories are always an interpretation of what somebody else thinks that might be THEIR truth. Go for your own.

by Emily McDowell

Give up trying to control everything. Planning is good, being prepared is even better, but worrying all the time that you might have missed something or that something might go wrong will get you nowhere. In fact you´ll end up being one of the annoying people who constantly ask others if they have their lives under control. "Have you packed your lunch?", "Do you have an extra pair of socks? Your feet could get wet on the trip.", "You sure you got everything?" Trust in others and don´t be mad at yourself or others if mistakes happen. They are a part of life.

Give up doing the same things every day after the other. This applies to everything. Try to brush your teeth with your other hand. (Your brain and muscle memory will thank you.) Eat something else for breakfast. Try a different hairstyle. Talk to new people. Take a different road to work. The more you let change into your life, the better you adapt to unexpected changes. Let it be part of your daily life. Change is such a constant thing in our life these days and it truly isn´t something that you have to be afraid of.

Give up being late. Oh boy, this is a big one for me. I tend to try to squeeze so many things into my life that I´m always running late. I have to take the litter out before I leave the house. I have to check my emails twice in case I missed something important. I have to do my hair again because it looks too messy. Everything seems to be full of have-to´s. Clean them out. Make being on time your first goal. Start 30 minutes earlier, so you won´t have to pray for last-minute wonders.

Give up doing things quickly. "´I´ll quickly write an email.", "I´ll quickly cook something.", "I´ll quickly take the dog out for a walk. Be right back." Why all the rushing? This little word "quickly" tells your brain that you are not doing whatever you do with full attention. It´s not THAT important, just get it done fast. You rush from one task to the next. Why do you feel like you have to hurry? Analyze where your stress comes from and try to clear those factors out. Could you do this at another time of the day? Are you thinking that somebody else is expecting you to get it done better sooner than later? Are you in that time-is-money state of mind? Every second holds the potential of being great, don´t miss it just because somebody tells you to rush.

by maximilian_stengl

Give up on all work and no play. I´ve recently talked about this with my mother. Everyone needs to get out and soak up real life for inspiration. This can be very simple, hanging out at the shopping mall, at the book store, at your favorite scrapbooking store or visiting friends for tea. Life is foremost here to be enjoyed. I love work, but I also have to stop and do something else sometimes or otherwise I get grumpy and feel like suffocating. Remember that you never stop being a child.

Give up on being shy. Being shy keeps you from meeting the greatest people in the world. It keeps you from experiencing things that otherwise would just not happen. Why are we feeling shy sometimes? I´m mostly shy when I think that I´m not good enough. I either think that I look horribly on that particular day or that I will make myself look like an idiot. But I´d rather make myself look like an idiot for 10 minutes and gain a good friend than walk by and keep my pride up, but stay alone. You are enough and if the other person is somewhat brainy and socially intelligent, he or she will notice.

Give up on over-thinking things. Replace too much thinking by actually putting things into practise. That´s less frustrating and more beneficial to your mental health. If the situation can´t be helped and you cannot change it, please don´t sit down and think about ways that you probably haven´t thought about, that might have a 0,2% chance of turning fate around. Rather pick up a pencil and some paper and do some doodling. Bake a pie. Make tea and start knitting. Anything, but sitting there and torturing your brain any further.

Give up on treating yourself badly. "I´m such an idiot!" When was the last time you thought that? Make it your VERY LAST TIME. If you give yourself permission to call you an idiot, you are sending out an official invitation for everyone else to do it too.

Give up putting your own needs on queue. You are important. Helping others is good, sometimes it´s even necessary. But that doesn´t mean that your own needs don´t matter. In fact, if you keep ignoring them, you´ll grow very unhappy and frustrated and that is quite the opposite of kindly helping others. Keep your energy level balanced. If you need sleep, get it. If you need a new haircut, go for it. If you need some time off and sit in bed to read a good book, do it. Refill you batteries. That is your right to do. You are human, treat yourself that way.

by Emily McDowell

Give up trying to be friends with people who bring you down. This is the perfect time of the year to decide who you want to take along on your journey and who is rather distracting you from being happy. You don´t need to suffer through a hard situation just because you think you might be considered unfriendly. To fake being nice is just as wrong. It´s better to say good-bye than to spend so much energy on trying to swim to positivity shore while the grumpy sea is holding onto you. Get out.

Give up on trying to be perfect. What is it good for anyway? Nobody is perfect and even if you think you are perfect on your level, it will put you onto a totally different level. A very lonely level. Being perfect is not very rewarding. Focus on developing your life further. Because being perfect means that you are done. You have come to the end of your journey and you are done with your life. Is that really what you want? Or do you want to continue to be on this rad adventure called life? I thought so.

5 things I am grateful for today:
  • when your cat is dirty, does it come to you and ask you to put it under the shower? Even presenting you the body-part that got dirty? Mine does.
  • getting the best cat-birthday gift possible from Tanja and Soun-Soun. The cutest cat money bank in creation. I got the black one.
  • chili con carne for lunch. I adore beans.
  • getting some sleep done tonight already. 3 hours. Now blogging. Bliss.
  • the excitement that arises when you read that one of your friends is getting engaged!!!!

Happy Wednesday-love to you,
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  1. These are very important thing and we should give up on them every new day...

  2. Thanks for the great tipps Nelly! ^.^

    I especially love tipp No. 13 – it is very important for me, and I have to break up one „relation“ now, because it makes me sad and angry. I need to be brave and do it.
    Your encouragement will help me, thanks for that!

    Hopefully we meet soon, because I have your present finished. I would love to give it to you. Please send me an email if you have time. I have a free week from 26th Dec to 1st January. ^^

    See ya!

  3. Leni!!! <3 Yes, sometimes it can get pretty tought, but it´s worth in the end because it´s not YOUR job to change others or try to lift them up all the time. If you feel like constantly being dragged down, it´s better to just let go. It´s no use, things won´t change.

    Ooooh, you´re too cute!!! I´ll go check my schedule and then you´ll get a message into your inbox. ;) See you soon hearty!

  4. Beautiful blog! I'm in love - you inspire me!


  5. Hi Natalie :D Thank you, i may not comment always but i do read your every post ever since i found your blog. I just want to let you know that you inspire me. You have such a free spirit!.... I have always been shy and been constantly thinking on what others would think of me(that's y sometimes i have no courage to dress whatever i feel like dressing just an example hehe). Now im trying na let go. U made me realize this things and what i like most about u is that u r what u say :D THanks!

  6. This post struck me in so many ways. I can't comment on a specific one because they are all so important to me. I am really hard on myself and expect a lot of myself too, while at the same time struggling to not be so shy and to present who I am more openly. It is definitely a challenge, but also very worth it. I really think life is best looked at as a continual transformation. For the most part, none of us are stuck being something we do not want to be and can always start taking steps to change, that's such a wonderful thing.

    Thank you for this beautiful post Natalie.


  7. Very inspiring post. Shared it to all my friends :D Thank you very much ^^


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