Monday, December 5, 2011

Weekend Candy: Christmas DIY (The Critter Ornaments and Stuffed Pinecones Edition)

DIY ornaments by Fancy House Road

Can you believe it? The first christmas weekend is almost over? December always goes by amazingly fast. I want to make use of this time of the year. Winter is THE DIY season. Am I the only one who starts eating like mad when I feel cold? That´s when mother nature gets the best of me and I feel like all I want to do is eat and sleep. I guess in my former life I have been a bear or something… Anyway, I think this week´s Weekend Candy is especially sweet and mouthwatering. Let me know what you think!

The pre-christmas Mason Jar goodies from Kirstin Photography look so yummy!

Here is a Squidoo lens with lots of Christmas Craft Ideas for Ornaments and Greeting cards will prove to be very helpful if you still need to send your cards and want to make them special.

For the lazybones this 3D paper star will make a great decoration.

Oh, oh, I loooove this Holiday Ornament Tutorial by Jessica Jane Handmade! Mori Girls like to have critters around. :)

The cutest idea: Yoyo stuffed pinecones! Don´t they look lovely?

lily bee design shows us how to make these easy-peasy Christmas Ornaments.

Not enough room for a big tree? Try the Styrofoam DIY christmas trees by According To Kelly! (Oh the buttons, oh the colors! I can´t decide which one to make!)

Fast and sweet christmas cards my linaloo. All you need is your finger, some paper and two markers. I especially like Rudolph of course. :)

Voyages of the Creative Variety did my favorite DIY Christmas Ornaments of them all.

Funny video showing you how to make Christmas Chrackers.

Get you needles out! I know you will want to make these Reversibel Coffee Cup Sleeves by Crafty Staci.

5 things I am thankful for today:
  • Happy birthday Tanja! It´s good to be friends with you! ;) My favorite Sag girl.
  • eating Germkn√∂del with tons of butter for dinner.
  • getting my big dream clearer into vision. Will share with you soon.
  • ear rubs after a short night
  • yesterday somebody thought I was 16. That´s almost a 10 years difference. Like.

Hugs to you and happy sunday!
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  1. Wow, you've given me a lot of inspiring DIY Christmas ideas! Thanks! I finally have something to do on the holidays!

  2. You're very welcome! I really want to make those critter ornaments, they are so cute! Maybe I'll add a little bit more color to them...

  3. Those clay birds are amazing! Think it's time to get my craft on (after I get finished with all the other things I'm making...)! :D

  4. I've seen your face on my followers list, but haven't had the time until now to check out your blog... Wow, I've missed out!
    Love your site and all your posts, definately following now so I won't miss your stuff in the future! ^-^

    I think humans are meant to hibernate during winter, I too get so tired and hungry in this lousy cold weather... XD
    I guess one should try to keep one's mood up with some fun DIY crafts! Thanks for sharing~ ^o^

  5. Definitely making the newspaper baubles! Adorable!

  6. :) I love how everyone is getting excited!!!

    @Metal Minish: Oh yes, hibernating and food. I´m making oreo cookies pudding as we speak. :D


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