Tuesday, January 10, 2012

What Is Fairy Kei? (Huge Link-List Edition)

lookbook source

Welcome to my new addiction! Recently I´ve been pretty obsessed with the fairy kei style. Some year ago Kim introduced me to the style but it has not been until Kyary Pamyu Pamyu entered the stage that I spent more time thinking about it.

Fairy-kei is a Japanese street style that sports the colors and motifs of the 80s and early 90s. I think it has a lot to do with me being an 80s child that I love this style so much. My favorite childhood cartoon characters such as My Little Pony, Popples, Lady Lovelylocks, CareBears, and Polly Pocket play a large role. I´m very much in love with the pastel color palette (though you may find two variations of it; one with more low-saturated pastels like lilac, blue, teal, lime, aquamarine, soft lemon, soft pink, mint, turquoise, etc.… the other with more neon colors like bright pinks, yellows and oranges.)

The most popular clothing item is a colorful petticoat I think. If you look at the different tumblrs you will see many girls sporting tutus and underskirts in various colors. Tops can range from lose sweaters and t-shirts to cute blouses with Peter-Pan collars. Legwarmers are included too, as well as (more or less giant) bows as hair piece, bracelet, brooch or on rings. There´s no real rule to shoes, as long as they are cute. So boots, ballerinas, sneakers or converse are all in the game.

source by Tokyo Fashion

Make up can go from very natural to brigh-colored. (Same goes for hair.) Some go for glitter, circle lenses and fake eyelashes while others keep it pretty bare. I myself like to test out, some days more, other days less. Life is a game after all. I don´t like strict rules. This is why I like the fairy kei style too, there aren´t any hard rules as for example in lolita style.

As for items you can go pretty mad. Ranging from small stuffed animals to typically 80s characters like above mentioned CareBears or My Little Ponies you may add everything that you also find in the decora style. (Just maybe not as much. *g*) I myself own a bear hat from kawaiigoods.com and I love it to pieces! They also have cute shirts now, so I definitely suggest taking a look at the store! Next thing I got are the amazing bunny ears from Chubby Bunny.

lookbook source

It has been via Michelle that I found out about the spank! shop and the shop owner Tavuchi. (This would be her blog.) I´ve immediately fallen in love with her. Maybe it´s because we wear the same hairstyle that it was so easy for me to imagine myself in these kind of clothes. ^____^ (And I swear that I had the very same colored tights when I was 16! I have to go search for pictures!)

Tavuchi and Chubby Bunny had a collaboration pop-up store and fashion show in 2011 at the Sweet Streets event in Los Angeles. I think you can get a pretty good image of what this all is about when you watch the video. I would have given a lot to be there. Also one of my favorite artists Bei Badgirl had some pieces at the art gallery show.

All in all I think that the fairy kei style is a very comfortable one and somewhat close to the mori girl style, yet sports more colors than it´s more natural sister-look. I like both of them. ^____^

Link List

Inspiring sites

Spank http://spankworld.jp/
Tavuchi´s blog http://yaplog.jp/spank-tab/2

Nice youtube channel


Favorite shops

spank! http://www.shop-online.jp/spank/
Chubby Bunny http://www.iamchubbybunny.com/
kawaii goods http://www.kawaiigoods.com/
Nile Perch http://www.nile-jp.com/catalog.html (japanese, but just click through it *g*)
Chocomint http://www.rakuten.ne.jp/gold/chocomint/

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5 things I am grateful for today:
  • two new amazing japanese illustration books
  • sitting at a new place at work. Space makes such a huge difference!
  • writing this blog post with a big smile on my face!
  • slowly going back to healthy again. (throat is occasionally still yuck.)
  • today was the first time I ever enjoyed pineapple in a salty meal. Thanks Isabella!

A happy week to you!
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  1. I love Fairy Kei :D But still Mori is my number 1

  2. I´ll try to mix them both. I kind of need more color sometimes in my life. :)

  3. Das freut mich aber sehr :) lg Isabella

  4. How cute is this? hehe. So lovely post and inspiring pictures. I have a question did you already pick the winners from your hello coco diary give away? :)

  5. Bubbleheart, yes we already have a winner. I still have topost this month's give-away, so stick around, there will be a new one!

  6. Love this post...my fav is the girl with the blue hair sitting in front of the clothes dryer!!xo

  7. Lovely entry! While Mori-style is m favorite, I absolutely love decora and fairy kei as well. Thank you for sharing the love!

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