Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Lonely Carnival Fairy

Today was "Faschingsdienstag" or translated something like "Carnival Tuesday". It´s a day in Austria where everyone dresses up in funny costumes. Or so I thought. Because honestly, I saw NOBODY even wearing something that could be considered a costume. Well... perhaps that funny couple... where she dressed all in blue and he was wearing all pink. But judging from their state of drunkenness or derangement I figured that they probably dress like this every day. Without showering.

I´m not actually wearing my wings on these photos because they tend to spread glitter all over the place, but I do wear them on my facebook profile picture. (In case you haven´t added me so far, here is the link.) I promise, this week I´ll push myself to actually film the hair tutorial for the bunny ears. It´s really not that hard, especially if you have uncontrollable hair, haha.

How come nobody dresses up anymore? People always talk about having parties here and making every day the day of your life, but honestly: I feel like it could be any other day, as long as there is reason enough to get drunk. (St. Patrick´s Day anyone? YES, there are people in Austria celebrating it, not having a single clue what it´s all about, but ey, it must be something irish, because well... they are in a pub!) It´s kind of disappointing and makes me want to go more into the cosplay direction, as I feel I don´t want to wait all year for everyone to dress up when nobody does it anyway. Carnival Tuesday is dead, long live cosplay. I don´t need a day to actually dress up. I wondered what character would suit me best? I would love Rikku from FFX-2, but then again... she´s practically half-naked, I´m not sure I can get used to that. Or as Chii from Chobits? Any other suggestions? Is anyone of you a cosplayer?

5 things I am grateful for today:
  • had a photoshoot with some old friends of mine. It´s so nice to see people after such a long time and get the feeling like nothing has changed.
  • eating TONS of food and the best nougat mousse au cocolat in creation.
  • watching Simon and Martina from Eat Your Kimchi performing even more awesome episodes at K-Pop Music Mondays. I don´t need tv, I have my youtube channel subscriptions. :)
  • chocobo races in Final Fantasy XIII-2. How happy they are when they win and how tired the other chocobos become towards the end of the race. Really well done!
  • actually watching the Chobits intro makes me want to go back to watching the series. It´s one of the best if you want to learn japanese, chii!

Happy Tuesday to you!!!
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  1. Ah well, it is true: Nearly nobody is dressing up anymore …
    We should have met – I was dressed up too. ;)

    Anyway: Dress up everyday is a good idea! Be another person everyday, live everyday as if it is the last. :D

    St. Patricks Day is a DEFINITE celebration day for me – because it is my birthday. ;)

    Have a nice week Nelly! <3

  2. Hello Sensei., dress up is fun, we did a T-party for my Mom's senior center...we all dressed up in victorian garb or fancy hats it was a lot of fun..and let me tell you...our Senior Ladies can Dress! huggs, Pamchan

  3. I went to ''Fasching Party'' given by a carnival student organisation. And there, just the minority of people was dressed up. My friend and I were wearing costumes and it was a little bit disappointing, because these partys are supposed to be an event where people dress up and admire the costumes of other people. But the cosplay thing is to big. I mean you have to got real talent with handycraft and sewing. I see a lot of cosplayers when we have the Book Fair. I couldn`t be that good.

  4. You should definately try cosplay, it's so much fun. If you like Chii, go for it! She's got lots of different outfits to choose from too.
    I wish there were more people cosplaying from "nostalgic" series, nowadays all you ever see is Hetalia... =__=


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