Monday, February 6, 2012

Mori Girl Monday: February Etsy Finds

Thanks to my iPhone and tethering I finally found a way to blog without actually having internet! In today´s Mori Girl Monday finds I totally adore the bambi-mushroom-flower-tights in the last picture. I really missed blogging a lot, it´s amazing how much it has grown on me over the past year. I was all nervous over the past week, kind of having bad dreams that I lost all my readers and stuff. Hilarious, I know, but the blog truly matters to me a lot. So I will constantly switch between mori girl and fairy kei, because both styles fascinate me and I´m trying to include both into my wardrobe. Some days I like to be all natural and soft, the next day I´d like to be more daring and garish. Nobody is just one thing, we all have more than just one personality trait.

How was your past week? I´ve missed you!!!! Tell me everything! I feel like I missed so much. While being offline my twitter account was hacked, spamming people with weird private messages. I´m so sorry everyone. But it seems like a lot of spams are going round lately, I get those on a daily basis by now... Has this happened to anyone else too?

5 things I am grateful today:
  • amazing people the universe has placed into my life. Grateful doesn´t even begin to describe it. The fun, the laughter, the joy. (Fabiooooo.)
  • I´ve said this before, but one of the most enjoyable things at work is the fact that we have a personal chef that cooks for us every day. After today´s meeting I felt like I was going to starve any second and then I´m being saved with delicious pasta and fresh salad.
  • Final Fantasy XIII-2 came in today and it´s perfect. The soundtrack, the characters, so so very lovely and awesome!
  • I somehow hurt a muscle in my foot, but when I walk in high heels it doesn´t hurt at all. Life is not logical. But very beautiful.
  • Chicken and potato salad for dinner. Haven´t had that in ages!

Happy Monday to you!!!
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  1. Hey Natalie! Those tights are darling :) Hey, I am wondering what your sore muscle in your foot feels like? if it keeps up, be sure to get it checked!

  2. Thanks so much for featuring my bunny scarf I really appreciate it and I'm so happy it led me to your blog to as I've really enjoyed browsing through it and will be following it in the future xoxo

  3. Love all of these finds! Especially the skirt with the adorable hedgehogs<3

    Sorry to hear that. I have received some weird spam via email lately, but nothing on twitter. I hope everything will return to normal for you soon!

    Also, I completely understand that. Blogging is one of the most important things in my life as well. Funny how something so simple can grow to be something so amazing.

  4. Oh my goodness those deer & mushroom tights are fantastic! Such a lovely inspiration post!
    I hope your foot gets better soon xx

  5. Hi Natalie! Thank you for featuring my Squirrel Skirt and Hedgehog Skirt in your February Finds! You have a beautiful blog, I feel so happy to see some of my items here. :) I will follow you! ♥

  6. I loooooove your blog! Thank goodness for the mori girl group in Facebook -- I wouldn't find your page if it weren't for that group.

    I am completely hooked in your posts. ^^

  7. Nice to "see" you again! That is very cleaver to blog on your phone. :D

    I know exactly how you feel, I switch between mori-style and a more colorful too. n-n It's a nice combination I think, to have a subtle style and a flashy one!

  8. You have such a cute blog! & great Etsy finds!



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