Monday, March 12, 2012

Mori Girl Monday: 5 DIY Flower Headband Tutorials

I feel like I want a touch of spring in my hair soon. I searched youtube for the cutest and best flower headband tutorials that I could find, so I can go and make one on the upcoming weekend. Flower headbands are something that you can totally wear on a daily basis if you make them subtle enough to actually match your clothes. They always give the image of a very enchanted and fairy-like look, add a bit of the feminie side to your style (which is why I think they totally match jeans too, some kind of boyish Tinkerbell look). If you want to go a bit further, I would try to get some soft weaves or thighter curls into your hair, they would round off the whole look and frame your face nicely. Ah, can´t wait to make one!

5 things I am grateful for today:
  • It seems like people have been in a post-full-moon-dizzyness today. Nobody was really "present" with their mind and people kept bumping into me. (No I´m not THAT small!) But yet I used every single opportunity to just smile at them and don´t make a big fuzz about it.
  • skipping dinner for the second night now and so much looking forward to my big breakfast.
  • It´s always a pleasure to meet old friends and work together with them.
  • My nerdy family, who totally gets me when I come home to turn on the laptop and write a blogpost, even though I just sat in front of a computer screen for the last hours at work.
  • rainy mornings that fill the sky with soft coulds.

Happy Monday to you!
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